Hello world!


Thank you for visiting the official blog site for ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF AFRICA, (ADLA) New York City, World Headquarters.

It is part of WORLD FEDERATION OF AFRICA, WAFED, the governing body of Africa and Africans globally.


ADLA is not yet operational.

We’re still in the phase of laying the foundation.

When it is operational, it will be announced publicly.


ADLA was created to address various local, national and international problems that both the individual person of African ancestry or descent and also the countries have in dealing with people and countries globally, that are non-African, hostile, racist, discrimnatory and exploitative.

ADLA would specifically address, investigate, protest, campaign against, mitigate and stop all defamations, slanders, discrimination, racial profiling, brutality, human trafficking and slavery, bigotry, hypocrisy, calumny, malice, hatred and antogonism by the hostile and racist media, writers, authors, politicians, movie producers, corporate ad campaigns, non-profit organizations, police departments, journalists, reporters, TV News Networks, Cable TV Networks, movies, documentaries,  videos, articles, advertisements, research reports, policies, programs, individuals, organizations, associations, groups, schools, universities and others in every country of the world that are hostile, derogatory, defamatory, demeaning, degrading, discriminatory  towards Africa, Africans, and every person of African ancestry/descent/nationality or friends of Africa or anyone who is directly or indirectly connected to Africa and Africans.

ADLA would inform, guide, defend and protect Africa, Africans, and every person of African ancestry/descent/nationality or friends of Africa or anyone who is directly or indirectly related or connected to Africa and Africans or doing business with Africa or Africans or has any interest in Africa and Africans, no matter their ancestries, races, ethnicities or nationalities and help them to solve any social, economic, political and legal problems that they may have.


ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF AFRICA, ADLA don’t believe that anyone who dislikes Africa or Africans is automatically a racist. That will be watering down the sinister evil that is racism. Many people that are considered racists are actually not. They are just hateful people. Hate is a feeling and it is relative. That alone is not racism because it is a common feeling among all human beings. When hatred is coupled with actions to promote one’s race at the expense of another race or when a person discriminates/hurts/harms/kills/ another person from another race  or due to the color of his/her skin which is different, then it will be safe to call that racism.


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